Saturday, 14 January 2012

How to bypass Facebook Mobile for Free

Step 1
Register a free account to DIDX.NET, it does’nt work with the popular webmail services like yahoo or gmail, but I have been able to work with it for and, which are both free.

After you register go to your profile and request free DID,

Your profile will look like this afterwards,

Now you need to change the the ring to address, use the skype address as we will be using the SIP address later on,

After you linked the ring-to address as skype, test it, try using your home or cell phone as well as a softphone or VOIP service, they should both work, if you don’t have a VOIP service, a quick way to test it is to call via your gmail account.

Now we change the atlernative ring-to address, here is the reason why we use the alt ring-to address as SIP, because it is a free DID number, it reguaraly gets dropped or gives busy signals, we need a way to receive the call in case it does not ring to your skype account,

Sign up for an account at
Change the settings of your softphone or VOIP service to the ones reflected on your callcentric control

So for example, my softphone settings will be
SIP NUMBER:17772755797

Now when your calls come in, they will either ring to your Skype account or ring to your Softphone ! This way you won’t miss a phone verification voice call.

Finally, go to your facebook profile and select the option for Call Me, make sure to use a U.S proxy if you are not from here as this option does not appear for those outside North America.
Note- From my testing, Call Me option, frequently gives a “server swamped error” the reason because is that Facebook is giving a generic message due to previous abuse of registration, to ease the process, make sure you are calling duiring off-periods of traffic, sometimes it just means that the number you used is already linked to a account, but facebook being the massive dick as they are, will only give you a generic error message.


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