Friday, 30 September 2011

REVIEW - Get Paid to Upload!!


It's in BETA, so it's site isn't fully completed. (completed enough to use right now though..)
It's very similar to Share cash. The user must download a survey. The difference about this site is that the surveys look a lot easier, and they are mostly Store Offers. Check it out for yourself & you'll see what I mean.
Uploadables File - Test File to check out the surveys if you want.

Register here


The earnings are quite similar as well.
Payout Amounts

    United States : 45¢ - 70¢
    Canada : 55¢
    United Kingdom : 40¢


Payments are sent out at the end of each month. Minimum is 20$ I believe.

Right now I'll be checking em' out, to see if they're any better than share Cash

payment proof
[Image: 2010-09-16_0735.png]

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