Friday, 30 September 2011

REVIEW upload and earn cash

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We are a Pay Per Download site

The site is in beta stage right now and we are offering high payouts per download the rate is between .45-.70 cents per download For the US. We have daily addons to the site and listen to the users needs in what they want added, we promise to provide the users with as much help as possible so you can make the most from your download links.

Right now we have a couple of guys who started the other week and have earned over a $100.00 and they are still making a daily amount.

We support over 50+ countries right now but the more US traffic you send the more you make!

US Traffic: $.45-$.70 cents per download
UK Traffic: $.55-$.60 cents per download
CA Traffic: $.45-$.65 cents per download
Other Countries Traffic: $.10-$.30 cents per download

Monthly Contests! Yep thats right we have a cash prize for the top earner each month.
This month is $200

Min. Payout $20
Payment: Paypal

So what are you waiting for? Register at Uploadables : It's Simple. Upload Files. Make Money. and get started today!

Payment Proofs:
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**Dont forget to register on the forums with your same username so you can introduce yourself to other users and discuss your methods!

If you have anymore questions ill be sure to answer them the best i can and help you out as much as i can

Click here tO Register at Uploadables : It's Simple.

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