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YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO

Hey  friends,
In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to SEO [Search Engine Optimization, if you are not sure what is SEO then visit this ... to-seo.php) your YouTube videos.
Following this tutorial is big success. I suggest you read everything twice and follow everything I said. I'm pretty sure that with this tutorial you can make atleast $5 / day with only 2 videos uploaded. Without work you won't make cash

Okay let's start..

First of all before you start uploading you must make your channel look cool.

YouTube Channel
1) Make SURE your channel name is related to your niche. For example if you are sharing Free MineCraft Premium Accounts your username needs to look like "MineCraftPremiums" or something related to your niche. 
2) Make sure you have auto-play featured video. This will get your video more views. :)
3) Make sure you have background related to your niche, you can find a good one at just type in Search for example "Minecraft YouTube Background"
4) Make sure you have profile picture related to your niche.
5) If you don't have any subscribers or friends make sure you go to Channel > Modules > UNCHECK Subscribers & Friends. 
6) If you have any website related to your niche then put it in your YouTube Profile.
7) Edit your profile and uncheck Name, Age and Country.

Example of good YouTube channel:

Example of bad YouTube channel:

Make sure your title is related to your video.
Make sure it looks good. Not like this *free msp generator!!!! DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!
Make it look really cool like this *Free Microsoft Points Generator - 2011*
Don't forget to change titles to your videos that you've uploaded in August and current month is September. ( I think you get me what I mean, my English is so bad)

Example of good title:

Example of bad title:

Description (IMPORTANT)
Make sure your description is related to your video. Be friendly in your description. Show people that you know what you doing. Don't be like this" *DOWNLOAD NOW: your fileice link.
Be cool.. explain them.. even give them (virus scan) will boost your downloads for sure.
Don't put SHITLOADS of useless EXTRA TAGS that are not related to your video like " PAYPAL HACK, ALERTPAY GENERATOR" RUNESCAPE MONEY HACK and shits like that. Don't add tags like that.

Example of good Video description: ... re=related
Something like this, just related to your video/niche with download links.

Example of bad Video description:

Add 5-6 maximum 10 tags related to your Title/Video.
For example if you have video for Football Manager Keygen 2011
Then your tags should be like this: "football manager keygen 2011 key keygenerator"

YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool
Use the Keyword Tool to get new keyword ideas. Select an option below to enter a few descriptive words or phrases, or type in a YouTube video's id (or watch page url).

Really great tool to find good keywords and rank them in few days!
Using YouTube as a Keyword Research Tool for SEO ... ol-for-seo

If you use your voice in your video then you'll boost your earnings for %7-8 more for sure.
Using voice making people believe you more. If you use Notepad/Word looks unprofessional and people will just leave your video.


How To Get Real Views and Bypass the 300 views stuck?
1) After uploading your video copy your video URL for example: then copy only this /watch=412u428474
Copy that link, write something short related to your video and post it on FEW 6-7 popular YouTube videos in comments. After posting make sure you hit the like button so your comment get in "Top Comments" this way you'll get some real views.

2) Posting your video in Facebook groups related to your niche.
For example if your niche is "Modern Warfare 3" then go to facebook and in search type "MW3" or "Modern Warfare 3" find a group that have loads of fans and just post your youtube video link here.
Post it in comments and post it on wall. Make sure you post it on 5-6 groups so you can get some views. 

3) Posting your videos in big Facebook fan pages like: etc etc..

4) Posting your videos in big Facebook fan page in REVIEWS like: ... sk=reviews

5) Giving your link to your friends. Yeah this really works, simple and easy give your link to few friends, I give it to females and after they say "What" i tell em Oh sorry mistake!

6) Posting your videos on Pastebin like this: (How to complete FileIce Surveys). (FileIce Best PPD site)
etc etc...

7) I'm pretty sure you got some ideas on how to get views, remember that every + view = better rank and better. 

YouTube Bots
What are bots for? We'll they do all the job for you.
They can do everything :), for example they can:
-Flag Video
-Spam users
-Favorite videos

If you are going to buy YouTube bots then I suggest you buy Lajcik's youtube bot or Spk's youtube bot.

Lajcik's YouTube BOT:

Spk's YouTube BOT (Tubeonia) #1 at the moment:

Best think to do with YouTube bots is to spam other videos related to your niche with your video url or with your website in comments. For example you gather 500 videos related to your niche ( Don't worry it's easy to gather 500 videos with "Videos Gatherer" and just leave the bot comment on that videos with your website or with your youtube video URL.

Image preview:

Well like this but in 500 videos = big success. ;)
This is pretty good method to get real views.

YouTube MASS video Downloader + Uploader.
1) Best YouTube Downloader:
Download and install and then the program will ask you to update. Just update it!
2) Download videos from web:

1) Mass YouTube Uploader: ... 42538.html
Download and install and then the program will ask you to update and update it.

How To Get Comments + Likes?
After you break the 300 views stuck you can redeem 30 comments and 30 likes.
Yeah only 30 comments and 30 likes ( Don't redeem more ).
1) Register to 
2) Earn credits and then go to "redeem".
3) Write your own comments related to your niche. ( Make sure some of them are HIGH QUALITY and some are LOW QUALITY and some ULTRA LOW QUALITY.
After you redeemed 30 comments and 30 likes just go and enable "Comments after APPROVAL only"
So if you have already more youtube accounts then comment once in 2-3 days to your video something nice, and approve that comment. :)

How To Get Subscribers?
Register at
Click on Subscribers and start getting subscribers credits. It's easy just leave the tab open and subscriber credits will come more and more. :)
After you have enough of credits then go to Redeem Credits - Subscribes and just redeem your subscribes.
NOTE: Make sure you type your channel name correctly because you won't get your credits back.
If you want to speed up the process then click on subscribes and just open the tab 20-25 times, do like this with 10-15 accounts and you'll get like 300 sub credits in like 30 min. :)

NOTE: If you have 500-600 likes on Your Video and you have 50-60 views then you'll get 0downloads. People will know that you use bots and and will just report your video.
NOTE: Redeeming comments like "thx" "ur my hero" "will u marry me" "works" = useless.
NOTE: Redeeming views from will get your video stucked at 300.

1) If you want to buy YouTube accounts then search on HackForums or BlackHatWorld, they are really cheap like $7/100 accounts.
2) If you want to get views then use (I don't know if you videos get removed or not) mine sometimes get sometimes not.
3) YouTube is now removing videos so fast. If you want to stay safe from this then just upload 3-4 videos per account and don't boost em, leave them for 1 - 2 weeks then start boosting.

Other tutorials/methods related to YouTube + YouTube SEO.
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Optimizing Your YouTube Video's Tags

How to get your Youtube Videos Popular and on the FRONT PAGE

Websites for YouTube SEO.
YouTube SEO – How to Optimize YouTube Videos for SEO ... r-seo/786/

5 YouTube SEO Factors ... o-factors/

HOW TO: Boost Your SEO with a YouTube Channel

YouTube Video SEO Tips From SES Chicago

Optimize Your YouTube Video For Search (YouTube SEO Tips) ... -seo-tips/

What if your videos get removed/channel get banned?
Simply just re-upload all your videos to new channel. If they get instantly removed then go to windows movie maker and add 2-3 sec to your video. There's an program for this but I forgot the name :D I'll edit this when I get it.

White Hat SEO / White Hat LINKS

How To earn $10.000 / month and more. ;)

Thanks for reading

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