Friday, 30 September 2011

Make $100 a Day Using StumbleUpon and LinkBucks

I have put together I very simple and short step by step process of how I make a $100 a day using StumbleUpon and LinkBucks. I know $100 a day isn’t a huge amount of money, but added on to your regular job you can start a good savings account or have extra money for the bills.

Step 1

First of all you are going to have to create a Stumbleupon account if you haven’t already. To create an account, go to Stumbleupon by Clicking Here. Follow the directions on how to make an account on Stumbleupon and download the toolbar to your browser. It’s very simple and shouldn’t take more than 10 mins. Also, when you click on the Stumbleupon link you are going to see a sample of Linkbucks in action!

Step 2

Now you are going to need to make a Linkbucks account. To create an account, go to Linkbucks by Clicking Here. Before you create an account let me explain to you a little what Linkbucks is. Basically, it’s an affiliate program that give you money when when you have someone click on a link they provide you. But, the thing that makes Linkbucks different from any other affiliate program is that they let you choose any website you want to use as a link. Let me give you an example that I just used. When you clicked the link to Stumbleupon above you were shown an ad first, that was Linkbucks! So I made money by you clicking that link :-) . Now you maybe thinking, hey no one is going to want to sit through these intermissions for every link, well there are different types and here’s some more examples of Stumbleupon

Step 3

I said I was going to keep this short, so I will make this the last step. First of all, spend some time with Stumbleupon and Linkbucks, play around with the different setting and get use to the interface. Once you have used both the sites and understand how they work here’s what you do. First, if you used Stumbleupon you have noticed that they show some of the most popular sites on their homepage, if you haven’t noticed go look. These are the sites you are going to want to use with Linkbucks. I create banner ad versions of these top sites on Linkbucks. Once you have the new site link, which should look something like this . Go to the site using that link, you are going to see the link in your url bar. Now click the thumbs up button on your Stumbleupon toolbar and you can add your Linkbucks site too Stumbleupons directory! Now people will Stumble onto your Linkbucks site!
Sorry for being so quick, I just wanted to get this method out here soon. I use Linkbucks a lot of different ways and I will be sure to make more articles if you’d like!


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