Saturday, 15 October 2011


 hello world :) this is my 2nd ebook on how to make money online.. things you will need for this method to work are.. also i have not seen this method anywhere. i am not ripping this method thought ill share that will you all. using this method won't get you banned i hardy doubt it..
1. account Click to Register
2. any other survey account
i will list some survey accounts..
* sharecash - Click to Register
* uploadee - Click to Register
* timeupload - Click to Register
* firecash - Click to Register

there's are few more but you get the idea. if your not a member at any of these sites please use the links above to register that's all i ask :) moving on..  So what's is a link locker used to protect and shorten any url whether it's a download, video or a password while making big money in the process. Simply paste the link you want to protect, chose the category and generate a protected link like this one or our new transparent style locker you can share with your friends. In this case I protected a Rapidshare link to a cool Minecraft skin I've created. When somebody wants to download the skin they will be required to complete a short free survey. Once the survey is completed they will be redirected to a link you've protected and your account will be credited with some money. You get up to $3 each time somebody unlocks one of your links, depending   on the country that person is from and which survey they deside to complete.   hope that helped. Now from each survey unlocked i earned about $1 - $3 pretty cool huh? this also depends on the persons country they are from.. so how do we double our money? simple..  upload a program + crack or mp3 anything people will want to download on too youtube or forums blah blah. catch my drift? but before you do all that.. upload a file too one of the survey account i asked you too register too. and grab the link.. then go over too website and on the top right hand corner it should say "links" click it and add your link from umm ill use uploadee for an example.. so after you have clicked links.. click "Add new link" then for TYPE: select "download" then add your link from uploadee then you can click "send" that's it your all done now what will happen is once they reach your bee4 link they will complete a survey which will unlock it and take them too the uploadee survey! so u earn from both sites :) i hope all the best for everyone.. if you have any
 questions send me an email..


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