Sunday, 16 October 2011

Make Money $3 - $25 A Time From Videos Easy $$$$

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What is Videozer and VideoBB?
A place where you host videos and you get paid when people view it!

★You get up to $25 per 1,000 views and 25% referral earnings (Videozer)
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...and then Confirm your Account by E-Mail, then if you PM me the Username you used for them and Post here to keep this Thread alive, I will send you my EASY Movie And TV Show Sharing Guide (Payment Proof below), also you will qualify for my 40% RCB which means I will give you 40% of the Money Back that I earn through you, this will be at my at own discretion on a day/time I choose.

Recent Payment Proofs (NOT MINE)

So join them both now (make sure you confirm your account by E-Mail) and Post here to keep this Thread alive, remember you will only get my 40% RCB if you earn Money regularly

Video Tutorials COMING SOON

NEW: Leader Board Contest!

You could win 90% RCB if you get on my Leader Boards!

VIDEOBB - Register here 
VIDEOZER - Register here

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